• I am at Revolution Fest, at the Village Museum.

    Explosively, the Bosniaks of Dubioza Kolektiv rhythm everything. I am jumping and singing in one voice with them „Ovo himna je generacije…”. „This is the hymn of a generation …we live on the edge of our nerves”*… but which generation are we talking about?

    I look around. On the left, the profile of a friend, the same age as me. …

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  • As I mentioned at the end of the first part of my affective route, the black & white images started to gain more color and to brighten up after 1990. Actually, our inner projections and landmarks had finally found their way and freedom of expression. Phoenix had always been one of the brands ”made in TM”, a band whose songs were permanently there at meetings, be they dedicated to …

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  • La noi în grădină era (și încă este) una dintre cele mai frumoase magnolii din Timișoara. Sub magnolie creșteau lăcrămioare superbe. Le culegeam duminica dimineața, pentru mama, înainte de a merge la matineul concertului de la filarmonica unde tatăl meu cânta în orchestră.

    Strada Giurgiului (actualmente Coriolan Băran) era, așa cum se spune astăzi, „multi-culti“. Vecinii noștri erau de toate neamurile Banatului: români, nemți, unguri, sârbi, și de toate religiile: …

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